AllShield Technologies provides businesses with dynamic security solutions to achieve your site surveillance needs. Our solutions are wireless, mobile, and highly cost effective. Our services provide top quality monitoring and manned site surveillance to monitor your site effectively

Our mission is to provide state of the art surveillance solutions combined with the latest in video analytics technology.

AllShield Technologies Team provides customized solutions for each client to accomplish specific surveillance needs. We apply the use of the latest in video compression, wireless, and cellular networks to monitor all of our clients' sites effectively and offers companies the ability to monitor any site, from anywhere.


Managed Access Control

  • Virtual Concierge Services

  • Live RFID Tracking & Reporting

  • Professional Security Personnel

Real Time Surveillance

  • Remote/Mobile Surveillance Units (inc Trailers)

  • Live Monitoring

  • Investigation Support

Augmented Protective Services

  • Static Security Services

  • Mobile Alarm Response


Construction Sites:


The construction environment is constantly changing, and so is the risk. As construction sites grow, so do the hazards & risks. An integrated risk management program enables our clients to have better control of construction sites to ensure risk is eliminated and profit is maximized.


Common site problems can include:


  • Material Theft

    • Logistics - Unattended stock and delivery

    • Outbuildings - Temporary Buildings and Supplies

    • Site Office - Proprietary Information and Supplies

    • Resource Theft - Metals, Vehicles, Cable, Equipment

  • General Site Security

    • Fraudulent Activity

    • Violence

    • Arson

    • Vandalism

    • Malicious Damage


Industrial Sites:



The traditional industrial business revolves around maximum production efficiency to achieve maximum profit. A demanding working environment can increase risks if conditions are not managed effectively. Production risks that create negative profits are a result of:

  • Material Theft

    • Unattended Stock

    • Unmonitored Delivery Process

    • Proprietary Information

    • Resource Theft

    • Plant & Equipment


  • Health and Safety Compliance

  • Chemicals and Hazardous Good Management

  • Process Efficiency Management

    • Employee Education and training

    • Maintenance of Equipment and Property

    • Resource Management

    • Human Error


Hospitality & Special Events:


Hospitality has many risks associated with properties that can be entered and exited without restrictions. It is important to maximize in areas of efficiency that will assist in creating greater awareness of risk. Areas that often need improvement include:


  • Reception Security and Efficiency

  • Access and Key Management

  • Loitering and Trespassing

  • Emergency Planning Procedures

  • Emergency Service Liaisons

  • Safety and Compliance


Special Events

Event risk management is an essential component to ensuring events transition seamlessly, maintaining minimal profit loss to external factors. Efficient risk management operations allows organizations to prevent unnecessary lost profits from liabilities such as:

  • Lawsuits

  • Fines and Penalties

  • Public Image

  • Vandalism

  • Safety and Compliance

  • Violence and Security

  • Medical Emergencies


Retail & Loss Prevention, Investigation Support: 



Unstable economic climates and high unemployment figures make the retail industry a vulnerable sector to risk. Proactive risk management involves constant observation of consumers and staff to ensure that retail property is protected from:


  • Stock Theft

  • Shoplifter Identification

  • Staff Monitoring

  • Fraudulent Activity

  • Point of Sale Monitoring



Commercial & Property Management


Commercial organizations invest heavily to analyze risk and ensure that return on investment is met. Integrated risk management solutions provide insurance for the most important assets: people, property and information.

Risks that are often associated with negative profits surrounding an organization's most valuable assets include:

  • Data Theft

  • Fraudulent Activities

  • Document Theft

  • Site Security

  • Health and Safety Compliance

  • Process Efficiency Management

  • Access Control Management

Property Management & Multi Family Residence

Risk management in a residential building premises allow ownership to preserve the integrity of the building. Attracting consumers to the residence involves a conscious understanding of the external risk factors that can affect the property including:

  • Visitor Registration

  • Efficient Concierge Services

  • Access and Key Control Management

  • Loitering

  • Fire, Safety and Emergency Protocol Enforcement

  • Parking Enforcement

  • Parcel and Mail Security

  • Utility Room Monitoring