The development of compelling risk solutions using evolving security technology and strategy.  Our vision is to be a leader in global risk prevention, using technology based solutions to solve complex situations.


Integrated Risk Management Solutions

Allshield Technologies provides integrated risk management solutions that incorporate physical, technological, business process and human elements.

Risk = the likelihood of a specific effect within a specified period  complex function of probability, consequences and vulnerability

Hazard = the property of a substance or situation with the potential for creating damage  

Industry Risk Support

Allshield Technologies identifies risk management solutions across a broad spectrum of industries including:

  • Commercial

  • Property Management

  • Construction

  • Industrial

  • Hospitality & Special Event

  • Retail Loss Prevention & Investigation


1. It begins with Monitoring

We provide monitoring services to insure you know what is going on on your site, all the time. We take an active approach to monitoring incorporating physical, technological, human and business process elements to gather and deliver intel that you can act on.

2. Rapid Response

In the case of an incident you want to make sure you respond accordingly.  With preparation in operating procedures, you can pre-define the course of action you are looking for.  We can put your specific plan into action whether you want to be notified personally, through private security or law enforcement/emergency response.

3. Access Control

Whether you are limiting access, need to keep headcount, or add that extra protection for entry to a site, AllShield can provide a variety of solutions to fit your environment.  We can add the human element to residential complexes without the cost of onsite dedicated staff through a virtual concierge who is able top cover multiple complexes.  We can  monitor activity for a site remotely to manage headcount through card access.  We can identify unauthorized entry and dispatch security personnel if required.

4. Personnel Support

Whether you are looking to support in-house or 3rd party security personnel, we can provide overwatch services for your team.  By providing overwatch for your team on the ground, you can be assured that they will not walk into unknown troubles through constant communication and additional eyes on site.  We can help your team prepare before they arrive on site.

5. HSSE (Health, Safety, Security and Environment)

Whether you are looking for additional eyes onsite to observe staff following Health, Safety, Security or Environmental procedures or identify details regarding an incident onsite, we can provide additional eyes and reporting options to support your safety program.

6. Performance Management

Let’s face it, 2% of the working population are 100% self managed.  People seem to work at a higher level when they are being observed.  By monitoring behaviors, it is possible to find improvements in processes to help save time and money.  Identifying key performance indicators (KPI) you also are able to measure worker compliance to your policies.


8. Identifying your ROI

When you are weighing the cost of a solution versus the benefit it is easy to lose sight on indirect consequences. By utilizing the information collected through our services you can see the impact of your decisions and gain an outside perspective by working in partnership with us. Our overall goal is to provide services that provide a return on your investment by providing results you can quantify.